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Artist Statement:

Sam Fresquez is an Intermedia artist based in Phoenix, Arizona. Her work centers around how beliefs are passed down from generation to generation. This oftentimes means looking towards institutions and communities that play a role in her life. For example the Catholic Church, the United States Education System and car culture (specifically Nascar). Her work uses contemporary craft to investigate how we can honor tradition without following blindly. She is oftentimes drawn to materials that are historically tied to specific communities including hair, jewelry, calligraphy, and traditional fibers practices. 

Fresquez graduated with her BFA from Arizona State University in 2019, and has exhibited nationally and internationally. She has been the recipient of artist residencies in Phoenix, Arizona (Xico Galeria, 2017-2018), Deer Isle, Maine ( Haystack Mountain School, 2019), and Manhattan, New York ( The New York Arts Practicum, 2019). She was included in the 2018 Arizona biennial.